I keep exceeding my free 200MB/month data allotment – how can I prevent this from happening?

Here are some tips on how to better manage your mobile data usage:

    1. Connect to Wi-Fi Networks Whenever Possible: Checking email, surfing the web, streaming music, etc does not count against your monthly data allotment when connected to Wi-Fi
    2. Monitor Data Usage: You can check how much data you have used during a month by going to Settings and then Data Usage
    3. Disable Sync Within Apps: Apps such as Email, Facebook, or Twitter could be constantly syncing new data to your tablet. For example, if you have Email set to automatically receive new messages, your data usage will spike. Try browsing the settings of email, social networking, or other apps you suspect may be syncing too frequently and disable automatic syncing or set to “manual” so you control how often new data is received
    4. Turn Off Mobile Data When Not Needed: Because some applications run in the background and can consume data even when they are not open, disabling mobile data entirely will prevent all data usage from occurring. To do this, place your finger on the upper-right corner of the screen (where the time is displayed) and swipe down to open Notifications. Tap on “Data Connection” to turn off mobile data. Repeat this process to run back on mobile data
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